BibDataZU Z39.50 Client is a free application to search, retrieve and download catalogued records. The application searches in multiple databases simultaneously, rates the records based on their quality, and makes them available to import into the Library Information System. Some of the features that this application has are batch search, marc-record editor, and ONIX to MARC conversion.

BibdataZU is a popular tool for librarians around the world. This release includes major maintenance and updates. The marc record editor has been totally redesigned. Now you can edit marc records easier than ever by adding, removing and modifying fields and subfields using a simple and user friendly graphic interface. Menus and text messages of the application are written in English language however, since the editor accepts UTF-8 characters, you can edit your records in any language.

One more important thing included in BibDataZU Version 5 is the ONIX to MARC 21 convertion option. With a push of a button, you can convert an ONIX file containing thousands of records to a marc record file. See more details below.

BibDataZU Version 5 has access to more than 600 databases to search for including BibData On-line Catalogue. which is BibData.Com own on-line catalogue. BibData on-line catalogue is currently being populated from ONIX records. You can also add as in previous versions, your own sources to your database set.

Search in more than 600 databases

The application is shipped with more than 600 databases. A user friendly interface allows you to select, check as favorite and filter databases. More search criteria have been added and you can search as before for a single or for a batch of ISBNs. All databases available in the application have been tested. I also include a link to the host in the the database grid of the application. Click on the link to see more details from the database source. Some of the hosts don’t have their site available using a browser but still they have a valid Z39.50 implementation and BIbDataZU will be able to connect using Z39.50 protocol.

Multilingual (UTF-8)

UTF-8 can represent the characters of the widest range of languages. Since BibDataZU is currently being used by librarians around the world, multilingual capabilities is an important feature included in this release of the application. Now with BibDataZU marc editor you can search, edit and export marc records in your own language. To display unicode characters correctly your Integrated Library System needs to be able to accept those characters. The examples in the images below displaying characters from different languages were successfully imported in Horizon from SirsiDynix and Koha ILSs. I would like to know the results from users using other ILS. Leave your comments in the contact form of this website if you want to share your experiences with me.

ONIX to Marc Converter

ONIX metadata has become a consistent way for publishers, retailers and their supply chain partners to communicate a wide range of information about their products. Now with BibDataZU you can convert a complete file containing thousands of ONIX records to MARC 21 with just a click of a button. The procedure has been successfully tested using ONIX files version 2.1 an 3.0.

Using BibDataZU you can search, edit, and export marc records ready to import into your ILS. See below a screenshot of the 4 tabs that will help you to have the job done.

You can also save the record(s) in text (.txt) format to share BibDataZU editor’s view with colleagues and friends.




Multiingual. French and Spanish examples

French (UTF-8)

Spanish (UTF-8)